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Easy ways to

transform any garden

this Spring

Easy ways to transform
any garden
this Spring

Paving to enhance any garden

Whether you’re planning a patio, pathway, garden wall or a new driveway, our wide range of paving will help create the most beautiful, landscaped space you have ever dreamed of.
We are confident we have paving to suit all tastes and budgets. Styles range from traditional to contemporary.

Here are some of the different paving we keep in stock:


Economy Riven Slab

Natural, Stone and Dark Grey
450 x 450mm from £3.99 per slab
600 x 600mm £6.99 per slab

Textured Paving

Natural, Dark Grey and Yellow
450 x 450mm from £5.50 per slab
600 x 600mm £9.80 per slab

Kandla Grey Porcelain

600 x 900mm from £12.91 per slab

Country Nero Porcelain

600 x 900mm from £12.91 per slab

Country Silver Porcelain

600 x 900mm from £12.91 per slab

Limestone Crema Porcelain

600 x 900mm from £12.91 per slab

Driveway Block Paving

Charcoal, Brindle, Autumn Mix, Bracken, Silver Grey
50mm (CDP) from £12.25 per m2
60mm (CDP) from £14.71 per m2
All prices exclusive of VAT.
Discounts are available for larger quantities of some products.
The complete Castacrete range is available to order on short lead times - subject to availability.

Great prices on Sleepers

New softwood treated sleeper
100 x 200 x 2400mm - £22.00
New softwood treated sleeper
120 x 240 x 2400mm - £30.00
New softwood treated sleeper
120 x 240 x 3000mm - £38.00
Secondhand top-grade hardwood treated sleeper
150 x 250 x 2600mm - £31.46
Oak ‘top grade’ sleeper
100 x 200 x 2400mm - £39.00
All prices are exclusive of VAT

Which are right for you?

Softwood Sleepers

Softwood sleepers are the most economical, they are lighter than hardwood sleepers making them easier to manoeuvre. Once treated will last around 20 to 30 years.

Hardwood sleepers

Hardwood sleepers are solid, resistant to rot and are ultimately longer lasting than softwood.

Oak Sleepers

Oak sleepers offer a maintenance free solution but are heavy to move around. They can have a lifespan of up to 100 years.

Great ways to use sleepers in a garden

Raised Flower Beds

Not only do they make a great focal point for your garden, raised flower beds drain well and you can fill them with the right growing soil. They are also a benefit for people with limited mobility as you don’t need to get right down on the ground to do the gardening.

Hard Landscaping

Sleepers or scaffold boards make excellent retaining walls. You won’t need concrete or bricks, just back fill with gravel or earth for a firm fixing. They can also be used for border edging or steps.


Due to their long lifespan sleepers are excellent for making furniture. They don’t need to be covered up for winter and need minimum maintenance. They give a lovely rustic appearance to benches and tables.

Decking and Paths

Sleepers can make excellent, easy to lay decking and paths. There’s no need for underneath support and because they are so robust they will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance.

Deck out your garden for less than you think

28 x 144 x 4800mm softwood treated KD green
£13.83 per board
28 x 144 x 3600mm softwood treated KD green
£10.38 per board
All prices are exclusive of VAT
Adding a decking area to a garden will provide a space to entertain as well as somewhere for your garden furniture and potted plants.
Softwood decking has a lot going for it, it’s more affordable than other decking types, easier to work with and when treated can last for many years.
Softwood trees are easily replaceable, so people view softwood decking as a more environmentally friendly choice.
Softwood decking comes in a light-yellow colour and if left untreated will fade to grey after weathering. If you prefer a darker colour, you can use a wood stain or paint to get the colour you want. If you maintain your deck with appropriate decking oils and protective treatments, a softwood deck can last up to 40 years, making it a very cost-effective solution.

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