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Need to do some


Need to do some


Then we’ve got the right products for a great job

Whether you’re a professional decorator or a keen DIYer, at Youngs you’ll find a wide range of products for both interior and exterior decorating jobs.

A Dulux Paint Matching System

(Dymchurch branch only)

If you are looking for a certain colour, we can match leading popular brands.
We can also match your required colour from a sample, whether it’s a paint chip or fabric sample. Dulux paint guarantees a 100% colour match, both in lighter and darker colours.

Paint Mixing (Dulux and Leyland)

Paint can be mixed to match any colour from our swatches.
Choose whether you want moisture resistance paint for your bathroom, hardwearing paint for your hallway, stain resistant paint for your kitchen or weatherproof paint for your exterior surfaces.
Lastly, select a finish: silk, soft sheen, eggshell, matt or flat matt. We then mix the paint giving you the exact colour you want.

The right products for great results

The best advice we can give is don’t skimp on quality. Patience and good technique will only get you so far. If you don’t have the proper tools, brushes, rollers, paint, etc you might well end up with disappointing results. Cheap brushes can leave bristles over your painted wall or won’t hold a decent amount of paint meaning you have to work twice as hard.

Youngs have everything you need

  • Interior and exterior paint from leading brands
  • A wide range of brushes and rollers
  • Fillers
  • Wood dyes, varnishes and oils
  • Ladders, buckets and masking tape
We can also offer advice on the right products for your project.

Decorating Hints and Tips

  • You can avoid cleaning your brush or roller at every break, just wrap them in plastic wrap and they’ll be good for the next session
  • Paint fumes can be absorbed by slicing some onions and placing them nearby
  • You can unstick messy brushes by soaking them in hot vinegar
  • Never store your brushes vertically in solvent or water, it will bend the bristles, changing them forever. Store them vertically with the head side up or horizontally
  • Your brushes can be ready the following day without cleaning, by placing them in the fridge
Not only do we stock decorating products, you’ll also find a wide range of building products and material suitable for any project you’re planning both inside and outside your home – and all at great prices.