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Transform your garden with our wide range of landscaping products including decorative aggregates, porcelain tiles, sleepers, paving and decking.
Here’s some ideas to give your garden a WOW factor:

decorative aggregates

can transform a garden

  • Blue Slate Paddlestones Stone Chippings
  • Decorative Stone Chippings
  • Derbyshire Gold Scottish Boulders Stone Chippings
  • Limestone Chippings
  • Limestone Chippings
  • Limestone Rockery
  • Polar White Mixed Stone Chippings
  • Polar White Stone Chippings
  • Scottish Pebbles Decorative Stones
  • Scottish Pebbles Decorative Stone
There’s many ways that decorative aggregates can be used in your garden – in a flower bed, to make a path or driveway, or to decorate the edge of a pond, etc. They can create an interesting and low maintenance focal point in your garden. The options are endless.

There are numerous types and colours of decorative aggregates available enabling them to integrate with almost any project.

The four most popular aggregates we stock are:
Black ice decorative stone chippings
Black Ice
Flamingo decorative stone chippings
Cotwold decorate stone chippings
Plum slate decorative stone chippings
Plum Slate

Ideas for using decorative aggregates in your garden:

Limestone chippings with slate
Garden paths
Most aggregates can be used on paths when laid on a suitable sub-base. Aggregates allow water to run through into the ground so are good at reducing the risk of your garden flooding.
Scottish pebbles
Flower beds
We recommend using a landscape membrane before adding the aggregates. This will stop weeds from growing through the chippings, making your Flower beds low maintenance. Cut holes around each plant to give plenty room for growth.
Limestone chippings
Resurface a driveway
Shingle can be an economical way of covering a large area of drive. The smaller the chipping the tighter the fit. A ground stabilising mesh is a good option to prevent the stone from moving, especially on sloping surfaces.
Polar white stone chippings
Finishing touches
Small stones are great for placing round the edge of a patio or to soften the edge of a pond, although it’s always worthwhile to wash the stone before placing it around a pond so they are safe for aquatic life.

Choosing the right aggregate

Smaller sized chipping are better for areas that will be walked on because they lock together well. They are also good for awkward areas and for filling gaps.


If you are considering buying a large amount of aggregate we can deliver in bulk bags, that is much more convenient than carrying small bags to and from your car.
Visit any of our branches to see the different types and colour of decorative aggregate available. We can also help with any advice you may need.
Millboard decking

Create an entertaining and relaxing area

with our range of composite decking solutions

Create an entertaining and relaxing area

with our range of composite decking solutions

We offer two types of composite decking, Trex and Millboard:

We offer two types of composite decking, Trex and Millboard:

Trex Composite Decking

From £58.90 per m2 inc VAT (Trex Basic)

  • Trex Transcend Spiced Rum Hudson Deck Red Chairs
    • Trex is made from recycled wood and plastic. It has a waterproof shell that protects the surface from fading, scratching and mould.
    • Trex needs minimal maintenance, just soap and water will keep it clean and looking great year after year. It never needs painting, oiling or staining.
    • Grooved edge boards provide the ultimate screwless finish.
    • Trex comes with a 25 year guarantee for residential use and 10 year commercial usage.
    You can see Trex at any of our branches and we can advise on the perfect decking solution for your project.

    Millboard Composite Decking

    From £95.55 per m2 inc VAT
    (Millboard Limed Oak Enhanced)

    • Millboard decking with chairs and table
    • Millboard decking with chairs and table
    • Millboard decking with chairs, table and sliding doors
      • Millboard have spent years perfecting an alternative that’s just as attractive as wood, but without the flaws of natural products.
      • Millboard is highly resistant to algae growth and will not rot, splinter or warp.
      • Millboard is available in a wide range of colours and fixings to ensure the perfect result.
      • There is a practical solution called Plas-Pro which is ideal for wet and exposed areas such as pools, roof terraces, boardwalks and fishing platforms.
      • Millboard's unique ‘cellular’ internal structure reduces weight while maintaining strength.
      You can see Millboard at any of our branches and we can advise on the perfect decking solution for your project.

      Discover the stunning designs that can be achieved

      with our wide range of paving

      When it comes to choosing paving, you’ll be amazed at the choice we have - from traditional to contemporary and everything in between.

      Natural Stone Paving

      Quality natural stone is sourced from around the world for its colour, texture and character. Paving is only sourced from responsible quarry owners who have a high regard for their workers.

        Slate Paving

        We can supply the finest Brazilian slate. Its smoother riven surface makes it an ideal base for garden furniture. The slate has a contemporary feel which would complement both town and country gardens.

          Porcelain Paving

          Porcelain is the latest in paving solutions that combines Italian styling with robust durable technology. The diversity of the range encompasses wood effect planks, natural stone variations and a selection of surface textures and colours. They are weather and acid resistant, anti slip and require minimal maintenance. Plus they will resist moss and mould the colour will not fade.

            Contemporary Paving

            For an alternative look, Youngs offers a range of contemporary paving for gardens and patios. They will brighten up and add a touch of style to any garden.

              Block Paving

              Block paving is very versatile, it can be used as the main feature of paving or to add a border around an area of paved slabs. There’s a range of colours and sizes to suit any garden.
                There are numerous other paving options available including Cobbles, Mosaics and Edging. To ensure you make the right choice we can provide samples.

                We have a paving display area at our Biddenden branch


                Pop in to any of our branches where one of our experts can ensure you make the right choice that’s within your budget.

                For a quote or to open an account please use this form: