Don’t get caught out this winter

Keep your paths, drives and roads clear with the right type of salt

Don’t get caught out this winter

Keep your paths, drives and roads clear with the right type of salt

At Youngs Builders Merchants we hold two types of salt: Rock Salt and Marine Salt.

But which is best for your needs?   Find out 

Rock Salt

De-icing rock salt is very practical and helps ensure the safety of drivers and anyone who has to venture out in the ice and snow on foot.

Rock Salt can help snow settling but is better used after snow has been cleared to prevent paths, roads, driveways and steps icing over. It works by creating brine which is a solution of water and salt. This has a lower freezing point than ordinary water and by putting rock salt on ice will cause it to melt. A small amount of salt will weaken the ice allowing it to be easily removed by other means.

However, a word of warning:

Rock salt can be damaging to plant life. It can also leave a messy residue.

Marine Salt

Marine salt is the most concentrated and effective salt because it is 99% sodium chloride.

Marine Salt is entirely soluble meaning no grit and impurities are left to create mess or block drains. One of the big advantages is that marine salt is kinder to the environment because it is more sustainable than rock salt which is mined.

With Marine salt there are zero messy residues, therefore it’s the primary choice and optimal solution for areas and establishments whereby cleanliness is important, including hospitals, schools, and retail outlets.

When is the best time to use salt?

You should apply salt to the areas that will be walked on by your family, friends and visitors such as paths, drives and hard standing areas.

It’s best to keep an eye on the weather forecasts or go to If freezing temperatures are forecast, you should take action.

Spread the salt either early in the evening prior to frost setting in and/or early in the morning before people start walking on untreated areas.

Bear in mind that salt doesn’t work straight away. It needs time to dissolve into the moisture. The salt will have an effect after around 10 to 20 minutes.

Don’t get caught out, Rock and Marine Salt is available in 25kg or Bulk bags for delivery or collection from all three of our branches.

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