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Deck out your garden for less than you think

Deck out your garden
for less than you think

28 x 144 x 4800mm softwood treated KD green
£13.35 per board
28 x 144 x 3600mm softwood treated KD green
£10.02 per board
All prices are exclusive of VAT
Adding a decking area to a garden will provide a space to entertain as well as somewhere for your garden furniture and potted plants.
Softwood decking has a lot going for it, it’s more affordable than other decking types, easier to work with and when treated can last for many years.
Softwood trees are easily replaceable, so people view softwood decking as a more environmentally friendly choice.
Softwood decking comes in a light-yellow colour and if left untreated will fade to grey after weathering. If you prefer a darker colour, you can use a wood stain or paint to get the colour you want. If you maintain your deck with appropriate decking oils and protective treatments, a softwood deck can last up to 40 years, making it a very cost-effective solution.

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